Well, If you are really desperate for a free website here goes my method.

1) Go to http://start.imcreator.com/start#register

Then click on the top right hand corner where it says Guest

Create an account.

Once logged in, click the create a new website button.

2) Select a template or start from blank

They have a wide variety of templates, choose one you like or scroll down to the very bottom and click start from blank

3) Edit the website

Move your mouse around the page and when you see a blue line with a + on it, click it.

You can now add more sections and give it a bit of spice

4) Click on publish, and click upload temp url

You will then be asked to create a name, choose whatever you please.

5) You will now have a link

You can use this if you don’t want to add free hosting, but if you don’t continue to the steps below

6) Hosting

If you already know of websites that can forward your link, be sure to use those as you please but here is my way.

Go to http://www.com.nu/

Create an account and login with the password sent to your email address

7) Look at the top left hand corner taskbar and click new project

Then you will see 4 options, click on Forwarding

Add project name, description and category

click next

8) Adding links

Choose a subdomain and domain. Remember, they only have specific domains and not premium ones like .com or .co.uk etc

then where it says Destination-URL * , paste in the URL which you got on Step 4,5

click next and you should have a searchable website in 15-30 minutes.

9) Enjoy!

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Im azaan.