How to make money using pocketmoneygpt

100 COINS = $1

To get verified ask the admin, there is no ID needed

Creating an account

First create an account at PocketMoneyGPT this can be done by entering your information on the sign up page. Once you have finished you should log in. Also, That is my referral link, and even if you don’t sign up using it you will still be referred to a person who has bought a package, so it’s better to help me out then a rando 😀

Starting out

You should see a chat to your left, there are many helpful people and primgirlx is the admin. You can say hi and most likely someone will say it back.

Making Money

You will be able to see 2 boxes which say Offer Walls and Earn

If you hover over offer walls a dropdown list will pop up. Here you can see the many walls where you can do offers such as downloading apps and doing various surveys to sign up. On the earn tab you will be able to see the daily offers and some high crediting ones. If you click on daily surveys you will be able to see a large amount of surveys. These give from 20 coins to 200+ Coins. The offer walls which I believe give great offers are revenuewall and tap research, this has been heavily influenced by being there for 7 months.

Other ways of Income include

Downloading Apps: There are many offerwalls which offer you to download apps for 20 coins+

Watching Videos: If you already have a phone farm then this will be a very great income for you, but if not you can still bring in a good couple of $$. Each video gives 0.5 coins.

Referring People: Pocketmoneygpt has a great referral system, which gives you 10% of your referrals earnings (without taking it away from them) and they give $0.30 when your referral completes an offer above 24 coins.

Paid to click offers: There are various offers in which you are paid to click on a website link and then look at the website for 10 seconds til a minute. These give out a varying amount from 0.01 to 10 coins.

Competing in contests: There are regular contests like how many people you can refer, top person gets $20 and there are runner ups. Earn $5 get $1 which refreshes daily and they also have a jackpot. The jackpot can be won by doing tasks, as these give you 1 entry in the jackpot. The amount you win varies as the more people do tasks, the more money is put in.

I hope you enjoyed.


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