It happens to all of us and sometimes it gets really frustrating. What I usually do is stay away from writing for a while (1-2 days) and then get back on. You may already be getting it on Steem because sometimes you have to write about the same thing over and over again but just in a different style of writing.You can’t just post about sports or Television , only if you are really good at writing and you can express your thinking on the subject in a manner which isn’t how we all would write about then you would earn some good money. There aren’t many people who have this amount of writing skill , but now there are more and more people joining Steem which is great for all of us and it makes the community a better one.

I don’t write on “good” topics , I just find what interests me and I guess that it doesn’t interest you guys. So I usually need to use my brain to it’s limits to provide a great post and that takes a lot of strain. Currently I am writing on notepad as that helps me out a bit , also because steemit is down and I was in the mood to write a long post. My experiences with writers block haven’t been the best and I really get frustrated with it. I have broken a lot of keyboards and pens in the process of my writing career (which is short and unsuccessful) but it has occurred to me that it is of no use , and i’m losing money by doing it. You may not see in posts but some people spend hours and hours creating a post that is of good quality and they hardly get upvotes.

I have been writing this page over the duration of 1 hour but this is one of my worst thought out posts , and that may be because of writers block. I hope you all a very good experiecnce on steem and hopefully we can all have a great day.

Im azaan.