After a friend told me he had tickets to Warwick Castle and had no-one willing to go I thought why not go. I was bored for a while by now and I thought this may be fun. Warwick Castle is owned by Merlin (googled it) so i thought it would be at least the very most decent.

Going There

Getting there took 2 hours, there was no traffic as it was 10 in the morning on a Monday. We went in my friends car and it was pretty fun. The average road trip atmosphere laughing, chatting, listening to the radio etc. All we saw was plain road and trees on the outsides of the motorway, apart from 1 water tower which was unexpected here in England. As the name suggests the castle was in Warwick near the river Avon which I got to see.

The Castle


It was bigger than I thought and really blew me away. It was not the sunniest day but I did not care, the view was staggering from the outside and if you were there you would love it. The castle was thought of by William the Conqueror 2 years after the battle of hastings in 1066. It was so big that it took 3 photos to take it all.

Sadly I lost the middle picture. But continuing, there was an archer shooting from a longbow at a target which you can see on photo one. He then went on to explain to all the kids what the middle ages were like, and oh yeah I forgot to tell you. There were so many kids! We came on a Monday because we thought there would all be at school but apparently a lot of schools go on trips there.

Birds Of Prey

There was a show there called birds of prey, these were mostly consisting of eagles with massive wings and/or other great physique. The main person controlling all these birds had an amazing job. He lived in the alps with the birds and received great premiums from the people. I was wishing I could be him, moving birds and living in the alps for a living. What a great job! I had a video of this guy but somehow it was deleted (probably because the file was too big).insert sarcasm I also used my great videography skills to make a beautiful video of the birds (also deleted).


This is an example of my amazing photography skills! Joking, I did not take any other photos of the paintings so I do not know who this photo is of but if you guys know please comment who it is. There were also signatures of The Queens visit and many swords and muskets. They were also selling swords for a big price of £150 and some replica muskets for £300. All I bought was a really, really overpriced burger for £12 and a drink for £2.

Hope you enjoyed!


Im azaan.