Hi, This story is by another poster, Ahmed, who has given me the permission to use his posts. You can find some of his posts Here

If this is too long to read, I’m sorry. But please do read it, for me :).

Most stories start at the beginning however, mine is a little unusual and circumstances compel me to start at the end which is where I am right now, on a hospital bed in a very sterile room, bandages wrapped around my head and hooked up to a monitor which beeps a solemn track of each heartbeat and breath. A heartbeat which once nearly stopped.

I was found they told me, stranded in the middle of a dark, deserted road, walking aimlessly with blood gushing down my head. A kind patrol officer found me and established that I was completely clueless about my state and where I’d come from, concluding that I had suffered a concussion, thus bringing me to this state hospital. It has now been 10 days, I am stuck in the dark and completely ignorant of my identity, a serious case of amnesia. Every waking moment in agony as I force my brain to remember who I am and how I came to be here. I too must have a family who are probably worried about me, looking for me, but begs the answer, why have they not found me yet? A question that was eating away at me… yet had no significance to be addressed yet.

Memories were like quicksand, the harder I grasped, the quicker they disappeared. But this memory had such a fleetingness that it was stuck in my mind, so vivid and bone-chilling every time I saw that face, that smirk and those eyes, I was breathless from fear, panic filling my veins so much that I would thrash around in my bed, disturbing the serenity of my ambience and making nurses rush in, hold me down and calm me. I kept asking myself questions, who is this man? Why do I keep seeing that sinister face? Was it just my mind playing tricks on me? It turned into to an involuntary obsession, as soon as there was some peace of mind in my recovery, that face would appear again. I was never going to get an answer.

I was starting to feel lonely and depressed in this dark, melancholy room, almost like a prison. The door was shut but I could see people, other patients and doctors, walking past my room through the window on my shut door. I could hardly get up as I had many pipes going down my hand and all the monitors loomed over me as if imposing certain death. I was getting uncomfortable. The struggle of getting up was unreal but I attempted it anyway. I tried to sit up but the monitors started beeping louder and quicker, almost like a klaxon. I froze until a nurse barged in. She pressed some buttons and it stopped. She brought some food for me and put the tray on my bedside table, without saying a word. Then, she walked back outside, forgetting to shut the door. At least I could hear some noise from outside. I picked up the tray and put it on my lap, I was quite hungry. I opened the dish, excited to eat, but I was not expecting what came next. Mushy peas. Ugh. My face scrunched up in disgust. I was not going to eat this, I’d rather starve. I fell asleep for a few more hours and woke feeling refreshed and energetic. I wanted to see my family now, I wanted to go home, but I knew I couldn’t, yet. I sat up and tried to remember what had happened that night. I closed my eyes and tried to remember but it was happening again. That face, that smirk and those eyes all appeared in my mind. I didn’t want to see that face. I was sweating and screaming for help. I could feel tears rushing down my cheeks, this face was doing something to me. I screamed louder and louder until I got up panting, it was only a dream. Thank God for that, I could have had a heart attack.

I heard murmurs outside my room, nurses talking about someone coming to visit me. Could it be my family? A doctor? The doorknob turned, I thought to myself, finally, I’m going home. The door slowly opened, it was a man in a black hoody. He locked the door behind him. I couldn’t quite see his face. I thought that it could have been someone from my family, my older brother maybe. He walked up to me and stood there eerily. I looked up as he took off his hood.

I knew that face, this was the face from my dream, the face that was stuck in my mind. THE SINISTER FACE. It was him! Before I could scream and cry for help, he cupped his grubby hand around my mouth and whispered "Ssssh".


Im azaan.