Finally, here it is, the travel post about my trip to Egypt. This is part 2 of the post, consisting of daily logs, where I will describe what I did that day and share some experiences and photos. I took a really long time to write this post, so I hope you guys can support my efforts and make them worthwhile :). Photography wise, I used either my Huawei P8 Lite 2017 or my much better Nikon D5100 DSLR. But for now, please enjoy 9 whole days worth of power-blogging and photography:

Day 6- Chilling

I started the day with a hefty breakfast from the hotel and went straight to the beach afterwards. The weather was definitely the nicest I had seen so far in my travels, so after taking a quick dip in the sea, it was time for my DSLR to be used. I laid down by the sea for a long time, taking a few pictures every now and then. Once the sunset came around, I extracted my camera and began to take photos. A LOT OF PHOTOS :D…


I found Trump’s children :O


I’m proud of this 🙂


The view from my room’s balcony


My camera seems to have been hallucinating, maybe it should see a doctor?

After this brief photo session, me and my family were starving so we all headed to a nearby shopping mall and ate in a wonderful Lebanese restaurant called Sidra, the soup there was particularly great:


Finally, I went back to my room and fell asleep, thinking about all the driving I had to do tomorrow…

Day 7- Farewells

As soon as I got up, I walked over to my balcony and saw a coach with "Al Ahly" written on the side.


Now as most of you probably won’t know, Al Ahly is one of the most successful Egyptian football teams, currently 2nd place in the Egyptian Premier League. Best of all, they were staying in the same hotel as me!

I showed my uncle, who had supported Al Ahly all his life, the bus and he was extremely excited. We all went down to breakfast to grab some food for our journey and we saw some members of the team sitting at a table, eating breakfast only a few metres from us! Anyway, the breakfast was especially good that morning (management must have prepared for the football team :/ ) so we enjoyed spending some time there.

Alas, it was time for us to drive to Alexandria, through some pretty horrible traffic, and meet with my dad who was also in Egypt, visiting one of his offices for his firm Ibiidi. I spent a few hours in his office below are a few pictures:


Following this, we quickly stopped by the Green Plaza mall in Alexandria, where there were many interesting sights including some massive parrots!


The final leg of my journey was driving back to Tanta, where I passed on my farewells to my family and spent one more night in the flat after the last supper. I had really enjoyed spending a few days with my family and I promised to see them again soon. Anyway, soon enough I drifted back to sleep dreaming about pizza…


Day 8- Cairo

I began the day with an early start and drove straight to Cairo after waking up. After a 2 hour drive, I arrived at the Triumph hotel in central Cairo where I checked in and got settled in my room. I found the hotel amazing and the interior was spectacular. I had some lunch quickly and then it was time to go the opera…

I had a ticket for the annual New Year’s Eve performance at the world-renowned Cairo Opera House so I drove there and heard some great music by F.Lehar, Strauss Dynasty and others. The concert was fantastic and the whole symphony orchestra and the conductor (Vasilis Tsiatsianis) were great. Below are a few pictures of the opera:


To finish off 2017, I ate some gummy pizza and made memes…

Day 9- Homecoming

If you have read my last post, just try and imagine Day 1 in reverse and you’ll get today :). I woke up with a sugar hangover and a dreary head but I had to get moving so I paid a quick visit to the nearest shopping mall and went straight to the airport. Everything went smoothly and due to my flight being earlier than last time I was able to take some decent pictures:


After all the travels I headed home and earned some sleep…



Im azaan.