About Me


Hi, I’m Azaan and this is my second introduction post.

I aim to use this account for some pieces of writing which I can be proud of, and hopefully you can enjoy. In the following few paragraphs I will be explaining all the things about me.

The Start

I was born on the 6th of September 1996 in Tung Chung, Hong Kong. I moved to England when I was only 2 as my fathers job was transferred to England. I was a normal kid and there was nothing special about me apart from me having voluntary nystagmus which let me shake my eyes really, really fast. I went to a normal school and growing up would be a bit boring to explain.


I really like to play Hockey as it is really fun and I’m decent~ at it. In my spare time you can probably find lurking in the shadows of Steemit posts or probably drawing in MS Paint. I’m not a very interesting person so there will not be much in this intro! 😀


  • Food, mostly fast food 😉
  • Hockey, I’m decent at it and it is very fun
  • Football, easy to play (although not well) and a good friendly sport
  • Writing, although not with pen and paper as my hands get very sore. Writing with a keyboard is 100 times better and 10 times as fast.
  • Drawing, again not with pen and paper, but with Microsoft Paint (the old kind)
  • Money, who doesn’t?


  • Running, I can run, but that does not mean it’s fun.
  • Lists
  • Irony
  • Running out of things i dislike ^ *cough**cough*

So I hope you all enjoyed this very little introduction, my old account (@azaan) has a better one which hopefully suits your needs better.


Im azaan.